3 Chic Tips to Rocking Off Shoulder Looks

Rocking off shoulder looks is classy, sexy, and uber cute for summer.  But let’s be honest, it can be a pain to pull off the look if you’re not sure what to do.

When you’re out and about, you want to avoid a wardrobe malfunction, the annoying slide up of the garment and readjusting “the girls” every ten seconds!  The goal is fabulousness, not aggravation.  Here are 3 Chic Tips I’ve used to get that perfect off shoulder slay.

Get the Girls Together

Whether you’re the President of the Itty Bitty Committee or the Queen of Infinite Bosoms, it is essential to wear the correct bra. You can make or break the look with this alone. You want to be sure to wear the correct size, so it may be necessary that you get a professional fitting. Along with the size, wearing the right fit will keep you from readjusting every half hour.  If you’re bustier, you may need underwire and more coverage.  A supportive and smoothing strapless bra is best.

off shoulder Garner Style

Chasity of Garner Style rocks an off shoulder look for RebDolls

 Size Matters

One key to rocking off shoulder looks is the size of the garment as well as its frills and trims.  Don’t get caught in the trap of believing that the tighter the shoulders and neckline are, the less the garment will pop or slide up.  I’ve found that they pop up quicker if the fit is tight.  Sometimes a looser fitting neckline allows for easier movement and less adjusting.

off shoulder looks Gabi Frest

Gabi of GabiFresh rocks off shoulder frills for Simply Be collection.

Also, frills and trims can help or hurt the look in the way that they accentuate your bust line. Ruffles and frills may work better for smaller bust lines to give the illusion of fullness.  Curvaceous bust lines could benefit from patterns to remove the focus and keep the eye moving. And don’t be afraid of longer length sleeves.  They can help with keeping the top of the garment in place.

off shoulder looks mznaturallife

Cannie of MzNaturalLife.com rocks an off shoulder patterned dress.

Glow Girl

Ok now, don’t be playing around in these streets! Make sure your shoulders are poppin! Exfoliate and moisturize.  My favorites lately have been Shea Moisture’s Dragon’s Blood & Coffee Cherry Coffee Scrub for exfoliation and spray lotion for moisture.  Then, don’t be afraid to add some highlighter or bronzer for that extra sultry glow.


shea moisture dragons blood lotion shea moisture dragon blood scrub









Shea Moisture’s  Dragon’s Blood & Coffee Cherry & Lotion

I hope my 3 chic tips to rocking off shoulder looks will be helpful in your loving and slaying your summer fashion! Be confident and have fun loving and showcasing your style!


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