Lemon Drop, Nana Pudding, Birthday Suit..ohhh my!!

Doesn’t the sound of lemon drop, ‘nana pudding and birthday icing just make your mouth water? I know it does mine… and inhaling the exhilarating and yummy scents as I pamper my skin only makes me crave a sweet, savory, delectable dessert.  It’s euphoric to say the least as my bathroom is overwhelmed with the floating fragrances and my skin is lathered and slathered in moisturing natural goodness! Mmmm hmmmm!!


You may be thinking, how in the world is this possible? It’s the brain child and creative awesomeness of Renee Sessoms, owner and curator of Sereniti Bath Body and You- a delightful, full body line made with the finest natural ingredients. She’s an expert at her craft as a licensed aesthetician and brings flavor like none other with her fabulously innovative creations.  I am a die-hard fan of the line and of her integrity, grace and deep concern not only for luxurious skin but also for total package self-care. “It’s more than skin deep,” she says, and taking care of yourself is vital in a healthy and thriving lifestyle. I couldn’t agree more and the benefits of taking those extra few moments just for myself are rewarding beyond measure.

I’d like to share with you in depth a few things that I have been loving from the Sereniti line for body care! First, up is the Lemondrop Body Scrub! I have found that oftentimes, people are afraid of body scrub…maybe it’s because it may sound harsh or crunchy. Well, I’ll be the first to tell you that the scrubs by Sereniti are the most gentle exfoliators I have used…and yes, I mean even from big brands.  Sereniti takes the cake with the softness of the scrub to clear away dead/rough skin. It’s so relaxing and calming and once you rinse the scrub, you’re left with a layer of silky oil that moisturizes and soothes keeping your skin nice and supple.


I absolutely love the clean and sweet fragrance of the Lemondrop Scrub.  It makes me want to go right to Panera to get a Lemon Drop cookie! It’s just right–not too lemon-y, not too heavy…just perfect to be light and flirty!

The Sereniti Body icings are spectacular and yes, they melt like butter on a hot biscuit!! No lie. As soon as that icing hits your skin, it immediately melts right in.  Birthday Suit is a spectacular play on words because it will have you smelling like warm cake right out of the oven!




I primarily use the Sereniti icings on my body, but they are awesome for my natural hair as well.  They are light enough to lock in moisture without weighing down my hair.  Two thumbs up for multi-purpose awesomeness!

And now the pièce de résistance…. (cue the band, the drums, the singers, errryyybody!!!)

Nana Pudding Body Scrub!!!

(You may be like, “Cannie, you just talked about a body scrub…)

I know…just go with me…Come on…

You won’t want to miss this one!


So, the Nana Pudding Body Scrub is her body scrub on fleek!!! She likes to describe it as a parfait. It has the body scrub on the bottom (that looks like banana pudding), and then it is topped with cream soap as the meringue and a cute little cookie soap too!!! Genius!!! How creative is that?? No, really…it’s amazing.



I’ve tried the cream soap alone and it is fabulous, but together with the scrub it’s amazing! You get this soapy, scrubby, creamy, fantastical experience all in one.  And yes, your bathroom will be smelling like your grandma’s kitchen! Maybe it’s the foodie in me…I’m not sure. But this is one absolutely amazing concoction! Not to be too detailed about my bathroom escapades, but Hubz is definitely a fan! Lol! With this Nana Pudding Scrub, you will have a pampering session right at home! It’s worth the splurge!

I have had the amazing opportunity to partner with Renee and Sereniti Bath Body and You for my Coils & Confidence events and collaborations for over two years now.  Now, I have the esteemed pleasure to be a Sereniti Brand Ambassador which allows me to share my favorite items, new releases, and fun promos!! Be sure to click my link to shop: http://bit.ly/lavishyourskinsbby The more you do so, the more you save! I will have exclusive codes like this one that’s going on right now: Use code mznaturallife to save $10 off orders of $40 or more on regular priced items (no clearance, sales items, sample packs–you cart must only have regular priced items for the code to work).  So go!!! GOOOOO!!! It’s only for a limited time!! ♥ 

Wanna see more Sereniti goodness? Check out my latest showcase on YouTube!!




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