2017- Clutch or nah? Growth and Halftime Check-In

So, if you remember, I decided at the onset of 2017 to live boundlessly— unrestrained, uninhibited…free.  I figured I should check my growth and progress for accountability.

Growth and Progress so far:

17. Organize my closet and keep it that way

Well, I got my closet cleaned and I’m keeping it 90% organized…so I won’t check that off just yet.  I can do better.

♥16. Complete a 5K

YES! I completed my first 5K in honor of my grandmother who died of ovarian cancer as well as a host of others, both family and friends, battling cancer.  I walked with TEAM CANCER SUCKS that was lead my one of my friends from undergrad, Shelly, who has been defeating breast cancer.  My hubz decided to join in as well for support.  It wasn’t the easiest with the heat that day, but I persevered and it was one of the best accomplishments this year! Since then, I have been walking 3-5 miles consistently in my weekly workout sessions.


♥15. Play “tourist” in my city

Both Hubz and I have been enjoying wonderful (and healthy cuisine) in Fayetteville, NC.  We’ve also visited a few city landmarks, parks and cute and fun hobby shops and thrift stores!

♥14. Rock a super cute hairstyle

Faux Locs have been my jam!! I wore the straight and medium size as well as the curly styles.  It has not only been super cute, but easy hair care maintenance.  I have also been complimented so much and loved the look that I am honestly, truly considering locing my hair! Locs are sooooo beautiful and I feel that they match my personality and my healthy life journey.  I haven’t made a final decision…but don’t be surprised if you see me rocking a full head of locs before summer is over!

13. Use all of my makeup dangonit!!!

I haven’t used nearly 1/2 of my stash, but I have slowed down on purchasing and making myself shop my stash.  So, I won’t mark this completed, but the journey has been fun!

Marc Jacobs Beauty MzNaturalLife

♥12. Do a wash ‘n go (stop being a baby)

I did it. Yep. True Story. And it SUCKED!!! Maybe I’ll try again…maybe I won’t.

11. Step up my blogging game

Still working on this… maybe I’ll conquer this before year’s end.

10. Consistently create and share amazing content

I’ve been better on a lot of my platforms, but not overall.  However, the photos and stories have been amazing…just saying.

9. Do some brand sponsored events

I’m working on it….progress is being made as we speak (or as you read! lol!)

8. Successfully maintain multiple streams of income (get dem coins)

Kinda sorta…needs WAYYYY more work though!

7. Grow Coils & Confidence brand

In progress…getting ready to launch some major hotness!! Stay tuned!

6. Do more speaking engagements

Haven’t even begun here….great reminder though!

♥5. Spend more time with family

I have been absolutely loving family time!! My family is the best everrrr!!!

♥4. Try Fashion (you cute and stuff!)

Tried it.  And from the response of my Internet Boos…succeeded.  Let the pictures speak for themselves!

♥3. Drop some pounds (not a lot of talk, just a lot of walk)

And a WHOLE lot of waking I must say!! I am officially down almost 50 pounds as of June 1st!! Woohoo!! And Hubz and I have started a fun and informative Instagram profile to share in our greatest achievements, goals and good eats!! Check it out @ourbestlifejourney

♥2. Add a few more spiritul check-ups

I have definitely been working on this by finishing a few good books and adding extra moments in my devotional and prayer time.  I finished an amazing book, Uninvited, by Lysa Terkeurst and it has been completely life-changing.  It challenged my outlook (and inward vantage point) about who I am and where I’m going by  encouraging me to analyze my belief in the truth of who God is in general and to me.  It was a great journey and I know that I have been healed from many disappointments and failure.  My outlook is much brighter and my faith is much stronger.  I recommend this read 100 times infinity!

Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst
Uninvited by Lysa Terkeurst

1. Go FOR IT (Stop thinking so much, just do it already!)

Progress here….much progress.  But still working on it.

So my friends, I have accomplished much on my list.  I never imagined how these items, big and small, would impact my life for greater.  I still have so much to accomplish, but I celebrate each “win” as they come! I’m striving to be the best version of myself and I am glad that it’s showing in my behavior, attitude and faith.  How have you been doing with you goals for the year? Feel free to share! I’d love to hear from you!


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