Girl, Walk in Your Purpose!

“A woman who walks in purpose does not have to chase people or opportunities.  Her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her.”


My mommy (and the Bible in Proverbs 18:16) tells me this in so many words all the time. To this day, she says I’m special, have so much to offer the world, and encourages me to go for it with the reminder to remain humble, be passionate and do it the best way I can. She says, “when you do it your way, you put a spin or a light or an approach that only YOU can give it.” My daddy always reminds me to be genuine…to be my own unique self and certainly NOT to think I’m bigger or “badder” than anyone. I have found these words to be true for me in a number of ways. I have long stopped (negatively) comparing myself to others (there is freedom in that) and have truly accepted me. That self-love and acceptance coupled with encouragement from those closest to me and a handful of faith helps me discover and pursue my purpose. I hope that somewhere along the way, I can do the same for you. As you watch me go for it, you go for it too! Because you have something just as amazing and awesome to offer the world! Walk in your purpose! ♥


Cannie is a "fun-loving “ lifestyle blogger, YouTube personality, vibrant wife and "puppy mom!" She combined her media passions, love for people and social events to voyage on the adventure of a lifetime -- chronicling her journey along the way. She has the amazing opportunity to provide information on products and services for natural hair care/styling, natural body/skin care, as well as inspiration in topics of “self-help” and self-esteem catered to women with a natural approach to their everyday lives.

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