About Cannie


Hi, I’m Cannie Hunter, affectionately known online as “MzNaturalLife.” I’m an avid and outgoing lifestyle blogger, YouTube content creator, event host, public speaker, and owner of Coils & Confidence lifestyle brand.  I’m a fun-loving North Carolina native, married to the love of my life and mommy to the cutest Yorkie pupyson! I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music and Arts Management. After teaching elementary school for a few years, I decided to pursue my creative passions and work in media production, branding and graphic design, earning a Masters degree in Communication. I’m super crafty, absolutely love photography, social media, and any good event! On my various platforms, at events and in speaking engagements, I have the incredible opportunity to share helpful information and inspiration in topics empowering women to truly love themselves, naturally.


natural hair journey


I decided to embark on a natural journey in 2010 as a result of feeling uninspired, unhappy and frustrated with my hair.  I had been wearing my hair in extensions (box braids, micro braids, kinky twists, etc) for a number of years, and even on some of the most important days of my life (senior recital, college graduation, wedding day too).  It wasn’t that my hair couldn’t grow or as a result of any type of problems with relaxers, it was undoubtedly a fail at conforming to an unrealistic societal standard of beauty alongside some deeply rooted insecurities.  My hair could and did look like the lady on the Dark & Lovely Box…for a time…and then it fought hard against the chemicals and became “puffy,” as I called it then.  So, I would lock up my tresses in an unending love/hate battle with my hair.  In 2010, I was fed up and I wanted a change.  So, I cut off all of my hair and began a beautifully challenging excursion to getting to know myself.  At the time, I felt it was only my hair that needed the change, but ultimately, it was the beginning of a revolution in me towards real self acceptance.

lovestory mznaturallifeFrom then on, a series of “happy accidents” ensued that put me on a spectacular path.   I discovered the online “natural community” on YouTube and hair care forums by accident when I Googled “how to grow out my relaxer.” It was like finding a glittery secret treasures. I found myself binging into the late hours of night on videos of beautiful women sharing their “big chops” and using what felt like thousands of acronyms to describe what they were doing with their hair! It was amazing and exhilarating!  I also “accidentally” ran across some information on shea butter and my life was completely transformed.  I had suffered from chronic eczema as a child and for a majority of my adult life. To avoid these outbreaks, I was limited only to 1 soap and baby oil for the most part.  That meant no perfumes or scented lotions could be on my skin either.  I didn’t feel like I would ever have the experiences that most women may take for granted.  But shea butter came in for the win, clearing up my eczema and starting me on a healthy skin care journey.

Discovering Shea Moisture in 2011 on a Target trip with my bestie one day began my  purchasing addiction to body butters and scrubs and lotions  was a real game changer! ☺  I was so excited that I could have healthy

confidence mznaturallife

hair, healthy skin, and smell good too!! I decided to chronicle my journey on YouTube to share my knowledge and zeal for all things natural.  I began attending shows and conferences and accepting requests to speak at events and on panels.  In my community, I received requests so frequently that I decided to host some natural events in my area, which jump started Coils & Confidence.

black love_ mznaturallifeThis journey is not only one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself, it has sparked amazing journeys for so many others.   I would have never guessed that learning to love my hair would lead me to learning to accept and love myself, flaws and all.  I am truly thankful for every part of my journey,  both good and bad.  I don’t take it lightly or for granted.  I am honored to be an inspiration, a “curlfriend” and sister friend to so many.  It is my hope to continue to inspire, build, uplift and encourage for as long as I can.

MzNaturalLife.com is where I share it all- where I’ve been, where I’m going and the stories of others who are living out loud as well.  From beauty to events to health and wellness–kinks and curls and products too… it is my goal to have something for everyone and my hope that you are truly inspired.