A look back + what’s to come!

2015…what a year!! I learned so much and grew so much personally and professionally. I had so many wonderful opportunities to expand my knowledge and develop new relationships. There were a few rough spots, but the good in that is my faith was strengthened, I let hope arise, and God did the rest!! For that, I am truly thankful. Over the holidays, I really used that down time to not only spend some amazing time with my family, but also to reflect on where I am and my goals and aspirations.  I did this not because it was close to the new year, but I feel that forward planning is necessary all throughout the year. In 2016, I am looking forward to many open doors and the success of pushing through towards many new adventures.  This is my “No holds barred” year and I am going for it!! I’m blessed to have so many supporters to embark on this journey with me! 2016…let’s get it!! ♥

In case you missed it, take a look at my 2015 walk down memory lane with my amazing Husband!! We highlight some 2015 moments to remember and share a few exploits for 2016!




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