17 Things I’m doing for an awesome 2017

So, 2016 was a bit rough there towards the end. #facts While I am truly thankful for all the good that happened, I was definitely ready to move onward into 2017.  So much so, that I didn’t really even do my traditional yearly recap.  Instead, this year, I looked through the thousands- yes I said thousands- of pictures of fun times and free moments and relived some of that goodness.  There’s just
something about pictures that are so magical.  You can be right back in the moment with every swish of the photo book pages or fingers on your device.

So, new year equals new resolutions, right?

Yes, of course! However, my husband prompted me to do something different this year.  He said, “why don’t you just make a list of the first 17 things you can think of that you want to do or be this year? Make a list and then do ’em! Stop being so analytical all the time.” *side eye*
But I must admit, he was right and it was fun.  I did it in about 3 minutes flat which is not the way I usually mull over everything.  And what’s funny is that I didn’t even need to think on it that long or hard.  These things were already in my heart so I jotted them down.  Of course, I can look deeply into each one at a later date if my nerd brain forces me to, but for now, it’s a fun list I can see and check off as I go through the year. Some of them I’m really excited about and others are things I know I should have been “done done!” (Ever heard a grandma say that?! Lol!!)
My catch-all word for how I’m living 2017 is BOUNDLESS.  I’m gonna be unrestrained, uninhibited…free.  See, I even started with trying out a sultry smoky eye.  I felt like a panda, but I did it anyway because if I want to hit the streets looking like Kung Fu Panda’s bae– I. can. do. that.

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So, in a nutshell, here’s my short and sweet list of awesomeness for 2017 (in no particular order):

17. Organize my closet and keep it that way

16. Complete a 5K

15. Play “tourist” in my city

14. Rock a super cute hairstyle

13. Use all of my makeup dangonit!!!

12. Do a wash ‘n go (stop being a baby)

11. Step up my blogging game

10. Consistently create and share amazing content

9. Do some brand sponsored events

8. Successfully maintain multiple streams of income (get dem coins)

7. Grow Coils & Confidence brand

6. Do more speaking engagements

5. Spend more time with family

4. Try Fashion (you cute and stuff!)

3. Drop some pounds (not a lot of talk, just a lot of walk)

2. Add a few more spiritul check-ups

1. Go FOR IT (Stop thinking so much, just do it already!)

So yeah, that about covers it. Nice and sweet right? I like that it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy and they are all doable tasks.  Of course, some of them have multiple layers and lots of planning and sweat to accomplish them, but it makes it feel a little less daunting to be quick and simple. (No shade to the overthinkers…heck I am an overthinker, ha!) Plus hard work ain’t never hurt nobody! I’m truly looking forward to 2017 and all the goodness in this year.  It’s my declaration…I’m living boundlessly, accomplishing everything I set out to do.  How about you?? Of course, live free with me and leave a comment…What are you planning for 2017?


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